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Podcast: Anthology of Stories Vol. 2

Over twenty stories that will make your heart race, make you joyful, fearful, thrilled, inspired, and horrified.
These are stories that will make your imagination run wild featuring Gemma L. Brook, Lorna Walsh, Jasmine Wade,
Laura Nelson Selinsky, Carol Dowd-Forte, Tone Milazzo, Julie Doherty, Tori Eldridge, Ken MacGregor, Nick Mazzuca, Andrew Adams, Susan Helene Gottfried, Amelia Kibbie, Lexis Parker, Rebecca House, Elan Barnehama, Gary Zenker, Suzanne Grieco Mattaboni, Joe Nasta, Cindy Cavett

Featured in swag bags for the 2019 Golden Globe presenters and nominees.

Cindy Cavett

Cindy Cavett, Rehoboth Beach Break

I speak with Cindy about Delaware, book signing, and pirates of point. Cindy Cavett’s Homepage: seasidecindy.com/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/SeasideCindy/ Twitter: twitter.com/seasidecindy Instagram: www.instagram.com/seaside_cindy/ Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/user/show/15798332-cindy-cavett Tone Milazzo’s Homepage: https://tonemilazzo.com/ Twitter: twitter.com/ToneMilazzo Facebook: www.facebook.com/tone.milazzo

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Tone Milazzo, The Ginger Jar

Lisa talks to me about stealing from the Twilight Zone, using short fiction to promote longer fiction, and putting together a comic pitch. Tone Milazzo’s Homepage: tonemilazzo.com/ Twitter: twitter.com/ToneMilazzo Facebook: www.facebook.com/tone.milazzo Lisa Kastner’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fieryredone Twitter: https://twitter.com/lisadkastner

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