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Great Stories, Great Writing Across Genres Written by those from underrepresented groups.

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Tired of the run-of-the-mill tales that you can’t relate to?

Like Cinderella’s tiny foot

Give me a break.

You crave stories that you can relate to. Stories that transport you to amazing worlds.

You can have all that you want, all that you desire.

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dancing man in virtual reality headsetDiscover worlds that will make you feel alive

Let your imagination run wild with each page turn.

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Pick a compelling story

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Get immersed

Stories that can’t be contained, neatly categorized or homogenized
Just like you

  • Amazing stories that belong in your hands
  • Written by fantastic authors 
  • Genres that are missing this greatness

You’re not a stereotype, and
neither are these stories.

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Stop being confined to boring stories that mean nothing to you.

At RIZE, we know you want to be entertained with stories that represent you, not some stereotype. You crave spellbinding narratives and innovative prose written by people of color. The problem is that there’s very little diversity in publishing and minority writers are rarely celebrated, which makes you feel invisible. We believe that your voice should be heard from the treetops. You should have a chance to hear amazing stories told by diverse authors. We understand the demand for this approach, and that’s why we created RIZE.

Here’s how it works: Scroll through our catalog of stories written by people of color, pick your favorites, and purchase. It’s that simple. Check out our stories today so that you can have your voice amplified and celebrated.

“Running Wild Press curates an incredibly wonderful collection of new and experienced voices, innovative storytelling, and diversity…and in doing so digs real gold from today’s literary landscape. Brava!” -Jonathan Maberry, NY Times bestselling author of GLIMPSE and V-WARS

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Discover stories that make you feel alive.

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