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John Rathbone Taylor, Turnip Way

John Rathbone Taylor lives in Sheffield, England and is convenor of a co-operative writers’ group called ‘Many a Tale’. He says he turned to the “serious mischief” of writing stories only after retiring from work in 2012. Composing fiction helped him “mentally shred” all the weighty plans and reports he had been obliged to write as a director in local government! Most of John’s writings explore the nonsensically comedic, yet philosophically deadly serious style known as the ‘absurd’. Some are 100-word micro stories that have fun with characters, language and logic. Others are short stories with bizarre narratives, featuring spirited but misguided individuals, amusingly at odds with their worlds. ‘Turnip Way’ is John’s first attempt at combining the absurd with other more familiar genres in the form of a novella (which he prefers to the novel), and he applauds Running Wild Press for featuring such adventurous work in their anthology. John Rathbone Taylor does also write non-absurdist fiction, and examples from all sides of his work have been published in paperbacks and on lit-sites. He is currently working on another mixed-genre novella, but all he will reveal is that it will combine aspects of memoire and paradox – amongst other things!

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Running Wild Press
Running Wild Press
John Rathbone Taylor, Turnip Way

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  1. Amanda Swartz says:

    Enjoyed hearing this, a great insight into the man behind the writing and how our past and life experience shape our creativity, loved Turnip Way I know John through a yoga philosophy group we both attend and really enjoyed the yogic aspects of his story, among many other facets. Great podcast 😊

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