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Interview with Jack Hillman, Author of Magic Forgotten

Welcome to Running Wild Press’ first edition of Meet the Author. We’re Elizabeth Nazario and Jodie Wilson, avid readers and aspiring novelists who love a good story and getting to know the scribes behind the words. We are preparing Jack Hillman’s newest novel, Magic Forgotten, for release in September (available for pre-order on Amazon).

So Jodie and I teamed up to interview Jack to ask him about his work.

EN & JW: Tell us about your novel.

JH: Magic Forgotten is an Adult Urban Fantasy set in Eastern PA. It is the story of a paraplegic, freelance writer who has withdrawn from the world only to be dragged back out by the appearance of two strangers in his back yard.  They are a Sidhe, the old elves of England, and a human wizardess, a captive of the elf, and they are here to take over the world. The writer and the wizardess have to stop the elf from achieving his plans.

EN & JW: What inspired you to write fiction? What moment in your life can you recall knowing you needed to write.

JH: I’ve been telling stories for as long as I can remember.  I think part of this comes from reading books for my whole life. When you are lying in bed in a hospital you have a choice of building models (which I built a LOT of) or reading books. Libraries are cheaper than buying new models every few days.  And so it goes.

EN & JW: How did this particular story come about? Did it come in pieces over time? All in one flash of genius?

JH: I’ve been a reader of Celtic mythology for many decades, being Celtic by heritage myself.  I think this story started with one of those offhand comments someone said one day,  “So where DID the elves go when they left England?” And so I said, “ I know where!”

EN & JW: If you could pick one author to spend the day with, living or dead, who would it be and what would you do?

JH: Samuel Clemmons.  We’d probably spend the day trading tall tales back and forth.

EN & JW: What is your writing process like? How did you get from the idea to publication for Magic Forgotten?

JH: A lot of organization, outlining, changing of outlines, and persistence. With some research thrown in to make sure I spell stuff correctly since I’m a lousy speller. The persistence part comes easy since I have to do that all the time just to get up each day and move around.

EN & JW: How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have?

JH: Far too many.

EN & JW: What is your favorite childhood book?

JH: Glory Road by Robert Heinlein

EN & JW: What are your future project(s)?

JH: A Science Fiction novel that solves the two main problems of generation ships, a horror novel about an alien creature in an old slate mine, a YA SF novel about a kid solving the problems of why an alien planet is trying to kill everyone, an SF mystery novel that brings back Psionics (You, know:  All that ESP Stuff), an end of the world novel about the times in Revelations when bugs take over the world. And probably a few more by the time I get that far.

EN & JW: What does literary success look like to you?

JH: The ability to write all day and still pay all my bills.

We want to thank Jack for allowing us and readers to get to know a little bit more about him, the writing life, and his upcoming novel. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get updates on how you can get a copy of Magic Forgotten by Jack Hillman this September.

Happy Reading,

Elizabeth Nazario & Jodie Wilson

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