Running Wild Novella Anthology Volume 5, Book 2 Edited by Peter Wright Pre-order now! Available September 4, 2022



The Ballerina Swan Lake Mobile Homes Country Club Motel: Wanda, a single woman in her early fifties, is the owner of the motel at the base of a water-starved mountain. She’s hardened by circumstance, morally honest, outspoken, and stuck in her life. When she rescues a stray pit bull, and then a defiant teenage girl, Wanda’s life will never be the same. Beyond the Door of Darkness: NYPD officer, Larry Petals, couldn’t cope with being a cop anymore after the morning of September 11th, 2001. After leaving the force and retreating to his hometown on Long Island without many options, he became a Private Investigator. Everything had become kind of normal… until his phone rang. Soap: A twisted love-story in a stark and surreal world, “Soap” is at once a journey, a mystery, and a psychological puzzle where Eliza must find herself.


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