Escape Route by Elan Barnehama

Escape Route

Escape Route is set in New York City during the tumultuous late 1960s. Told by teenager Zach, a first-generation son of Holocaust survivors and NY Mets fan, who becomes obsessed with the Vietnam War and with finding an escape route for his family for when he believes the US will round up and incarcerate its Jews. Zach meets Samm, a seventh-generation Manhattanite whose brother has returned from Vietnam with PTSD. Together they explore protest, friendship, music, faith, and love during a time littered with hope and upheaval around the globe.

Running Wild Anthology of Stories: Volume 2

Anthology of Stories, Volume 2

Over twenty stories that will make your heart race, make you joyful, fearful, thrilled, inspired, and horrified.These are stories that will make your imagination run wild featuring Gemma L. Brook, Lorna Walsh, Jasmine Wade,Laura Nelson Selinsky, Carol Dowd-Forte, Tone Milazzo, Julie Doherty, Tori Eldridge, Ken MacGregor, Nick Mazzuca, Andrew Adams, Susan Helene Gottfried, Amelia Kibbie, Lexis Parker, Rebecca House, Elan Barnehama, Gary Zenker, Suzanne Grieco Mattaboni, Joe Nasta, Cindy Cavett. Featured in swag bags for the 2019 Golden Globe presenters and nominees.


“This is a fantastic treasure trove of short stories. A diverse collection of over twenty short stories rom twenty some writers that makes an ideal coffee break/lunch break read. There genuinely is something in this anthology for everyone. These tales will make you laugh, make you think, send the occasional shiver down your spine or in the case of my personal favourite, trigger precious happy memories. Loved them! My personal favourite was Rehoboth Beach Break by Cindy Cavett ( they saved the best till last) As I read this tale I was walking down Rehoboth Avenue along with the characters, seeing, hearing and smelling one of my favourite places on earth. Do yourself a favour and check this book out today. You can thank me later.” — Beach Baby Amazon Reviewer