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The Hungry Pen – 20% off if sign up before August 10!

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The Hungry Pen

with Amelia Kibbie

When: Starts August 14

Every human in the world needs to eat to survive. But food is so much more than just physical sustenance — it shapes who we are. Food touches us in so many ways, and bleeds into our emotions, our memories, our body image, and our culture. Food is power, food is sex, food is love; our lives are entwined with the rituals of cooking and eating. This course will examine a variety of written works about food, and workshop participants will use this tasty framework to craft or refine their own poems and personal essays to examine the role food plays in their own lives. This writing will be edited and revised with feedback from the workshop facilitator and participants. 


Amelia Kibbie is an author, freelance writer, and educator who earned her BA and MA in English Education at the University of Iowa. Her short stories have appeared in several anthologies, including the pro-human sci-fi collection Humans Wanted and My American Nightmare: Women in Horror. The literary journals Saw Palm, Quantum Fairy Tales, Wizards in Space, and Intellectual Refuge have also  featured her work. She also blogs for the parenting website mom.me and at akibbie.wordpress.com. 


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