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Reading and Writing Poetry with Dr. Lisa Montagne


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Theme for English B: Building Poems Around Themes

Length of course: 6 weeks

Course Description: Writing poems around a theme can lead you to mine the depths of a subject to find meaning on many levels. In this course, you will choose a theme or specific topic—like technology, food, or disappointment—and write 4 to 5 poems on this theme or topic. For inspiration, the class will read, explore, and discuss work by poets such as Hughes, Poe, Keats, Eliot, and many others. In this course, you will be a member of a vibrant online learning community. You will discuss the writing process with your instructor and fellow students, write poems, share them, revise, edit, and create a final portfolio for feedback from your instructor and classmates. You may even record yourself delivering your poems to present to your fellow classmates as a friendly and supportive “practice audience.”


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