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A Novel Idea


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Instructor: Elan Barnehama

Length of course: 6 weeks

This class will begin the adventure of writing a first draft of a novel.  Approaching this process alone can be intimidating, so we’ll begin the process together.  Much of writing happens in isolation, so this class will offer the opportunity to reflect on that solitary time by coming together as a community of writers and readers

Writing the first draft of a novel is a messy process.  At the same time, it’s the start of a great adventure. Some novelists have maps.  Others don’t want them. We’ll try both methods.

Whether you’re just beginning your novel or it is already halfway written, this class will have you generating pages.  Using prompts as a jumping off points, you will write scenes from your novel.  Each student will have the opportunity to have one of their scenes work-shopped by the class.


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