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Starting in January 2019, RWP will offer classes with some of our authors.  Here’s a sample. Want to know more? Email runningwildeditor @ gmail.com

Course 1: The Hungry Pen: Poems and Personal Essays on Food

Instructor: Amelia Kibbie

Length of course: 8 weeks

Course description: Every human in the world needs to eat to survive. But food is so much more than just physical sustenance — it shapes who we are. Food touches us in so many ways, and bleeds into our emotions, our memories, our body image, and our culture. Food is power, food is sex, food is love; our lives are entwined with the rituals of cooking and eating. This course will examine a variety of written works about food, and students will use this tasty framework to craft their own poems and personal essays to examine the role food plays in their own lives. This writing will be edited and revised with feedback from the class and professor.

Course 2: Enhance Image: Refining Visions of the Future through Genre Details

Instructor: Nick Mazzuca

Length of course: 8 weeks

Course description: Science fiction is about creating new worlds, but to make those worlds authentic you need to fill in the details. Worlds are living, breathing things that shape your characters and present the challenges they must overcome. This course will dig into how various science fiction writers have designed their worlds, how they use those worlds to tell their stories, and which key bits of flavor make them memorable. Students will join an online roundtable, analyze classic and contemporary works of science fiction, and use the tools they learn to generate a final short story with feedback from their peers and instructor.

Course 3: A Novel Idea

Instructor: Elan Barnehama

Length of course: 6 weeks

This class will begin the adventure of writing a first draft of a novel.  Approaching this process alone can be intimidating, so we’ll begin the process together.  Much of writing happens in isolation, so this class will offer the opportunity to reflect on that solitary time by coming together as a community of writers and readers

Writing the first draft of a novel is a messy process.  At the same time, it’s the start of a great adventure. Some novelists have maps.  Others don’t want them. We’ll try both methods.

Whether you’re just beginning your novel or it is already halfway written, this class will have you generating pages.  Using prompts as a jumping off points, you will write scenes from your novel.  Each student will have the opportunity to have one of their scenes work-shopped by the class.