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Lisa Diane Kastner

Founder & Executive Editor

Lisa Diane KastnerLisa Diane Kastner is the Founder and Executive Editor of Running Wild Press.

Likes: great stories, great writing, writing in-between genres, laughter, joy, a collaborative effort, great food, great drinks, great music, art, travel, dancing from the heart, great friends and family.

Dislikes: negativity for negativity sake, offering problems without possible solutions, days so hot that she’d turn into a piece of burnt toast within moments of walking into the sunlight, okra.

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Dan Fernandez

Creative Director

Dan FernandezDan Fernandez has been working in the fine art and graphic arts fields for over 25 years.

Passionate about the power of visual images, he has shown in galleries in the New York to New Jersey region, designed many book covers, publications and print ads campaigns nationally, and takes great joy in creating brand identities for higher ed and private corporations.

As creative director, and part of the Running Wild creative team, he is able to explore a wide range of illustration and design styles to complement the distinctive and talented authors that Running Wild Press consistently attracts.

Dan is a native of the New York-Philly corridor. He resides in Princeton, NJ with his wife and author Aimee LaBrie, and his son Luke.

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Jenna Faccenda

Production Manager

Jenna FaccendaJenna Faccenda is the Publicity Manager at Running Wild Press. She shines the spotlight on our books so people can find and enjoy great stories by our authors.

Likes: cats, books that make you almost miss your stop on the train, odd cheesecake flavors, adventures, young adult fiction, Ellen Hopkins, powerful slam poems, getting lost in writing, a beach with palm trees, and passion planners.

Dislikes: really high up places, people who don’t understand the bubble rule of personal space, close-minded conversations, and grumpiness.

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Rachael Angelo

Business Relationship Manager

Rachael AngeloRachael Angelo is the Business Relationship Manager at Running Wild Press. She builds partnerships, marketing campaigns, and web content to connect readers with our great new titles.

Likes: Reading, writing, inspiring others, hanging with my little man, making memories, a glass of wine, talking with friends and laughing.

Dislikes: Bullies, negativity, not thinking before speaking, arguing for the sake of arguing.

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Jade Leone Blackwater

Co-Founder & Advisor

Jade Leone BlackwaterJade Leone Blackwater is the co-founder, sounding board, and cheerleader of Running Wild Press.

Likes: ponderous poetry, mystifying stories, super stupid silly movies, forests and gardens, dirt under her fingernails, pursuing good challenges with a team, raging at great parties, wandering moonlit starry nights, long conversations, Spongebob on Sunday mornings, Star Trek any time, great friends and family.

Dislikes: close quarters with big spiders, rigid rules, meanies, powermongers and haters, being told what to do.

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