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Our Internship Program

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At Running Wild Press, our Internship Program focuses on professional development and relationship building. You will work side by side with the founders to build RWP from the ground up, developing skills, expertise, and connections in publishing, marketing, project management, and startup business management. As a member of the RWP team we will look to you to help shape our vision, and help us do the lifting to get our new press off the ground.


We will focus your time on the real work of publishing as it relates to your role. You will be encouraged to indicate your interests as they evolve, so we can assign you to the areas that you want to tackle: editorial and creative, production and design, sales and marketing, technology and ecommerce, customer service, business management, team and project management, or finance and accounting. This is also your chance to sharpen your innovation skills as RWP looks for groundbreaking ways to gain market share in new and traditional publishing markets.


The result of your work at RWP will include a portfolio of projects that demonstrate your skills and industry know-how, with an emphasis on small press / indie publishing and cross-genre literature from emerging authors. You will also gain new connections in the publishing world. Once RWP evolves from bootstrappin’-labor-of-love to revenue-generating-machine, the founders will be looking to you, brave interns, to hire on as department heads and help us build out teams.

Types of Internships

We offer quarterly internships with unlimited options for renewal. All internships are currently unpaid during these initial startup years at RWP. The number, level, and duties of each internship will vary throughout each year.


Qualified interns are students with:

  • the personality of a do-er
  • the qualifications, experience, and education needed for the desired role
  • an interest in a profession in publishing, writing, or fields related to the desired role
  • a minimum of 10 hours per month availability to dedicate to RWP tasks
  • internet access and a computer
  • working knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite and web-based applications (e.g. Google suite)
  • fluent English (speaking, reading, writing); multilingual encouraged


You will complete most work for RWP independently from the comfort of your own workstation. Because we are a distributed team currently spanning the continental US, we all work at different times of day and rely on web-based tools (e.g. Google Drive, Skype, Trello, and email) to share ideas and track our work, and use good ol’ fashioned phone calls to get our virtual face time with the team.

Daily Project Tracking Online

You must manage and report your activity for all tasks. We recommend you track your tasks and progress in Trello or Asana (on the web), or in an Excel spreadsheet (on the RWP Google Drive).

Weekly Progress Reporting By Phone

You must attend a weekly 30-minute team call to discuss progress and priorities with the founders. If you are unable to make a scheduled call, you will need to notify the founders and provide a brief written update of your activities via email.

Quarterly Review and Renew – The State of the Union

Each quarter you will participate in a reciprocal review, and discuss the renewal of your internship for another quarter. You will provide a brief written review of the founders’ individual performance (e.g. communication, clarity, accessibility, mentorship, leadership), and meet with founders by phone to discuss their written evaluation of your work and professional growth.

Important Dates

Internship Quarter: Renewal Date:
Spring January 16
Summer April 16
Fall July 16
Winter October 16